60 Minutes

The Gist

This was an infoviz exercise that challenged me to deal with lots of information. We were asked to document every detail we could of 60 minutes of our lives, and create a 24″ x 36″ poster visualizing this passage of time. I chose to count the number of bricks on the wall in my apartment; I was sitting on my chair on a warm fall day and the sun was pouring into the room… there was no motivation to get up to do anything more involved ;)

What made this project interesting, however, was the challenge of visualizing the fact that I was counting bricks, as well as recounting all the thoughts that were meandering through my mind during this time.

This project really allowed me to focus on typographic details; deciding the perfect placement of the poster title, figuring out the right size for the numbered bricks in the background… attention to all the details were what made this project successful for me.

The Poster

click to download PDF (recommended, to see all the fun details!)