Re-visualizing the stage-gate process

The Gist

In a Product Planning and Development class at CMU, we were asked to create an idea map using some of the concepts we learned in class. I decided to incorporate the stage-gate process (which we learned in class) and branding, while throwing in a bit of the design process too to create the ideal product development process.

A standard product development process, the stage-gate model is very linear in nature. I chose to infuse more of design’s iterative process into the model as the traditional “gates” that separate the different development stages, in my opinion, are a bit too constrained. It is design’s iterative nature that allows the best solutions to be formed, and product development should be no different. I also chose to include branding because of it’s impact it has on not only the product itself but the company that will eventually sell it.

Out with the old, in with the new

Typical stage-gate process model:

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My redesign, incorporating branding and the design process:

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