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Grad Type Assignment 3: The 5 Minute Break

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Stacie Rohrbach has taken over the second half of my Grad Type class, and for our third and final assignment, we will be looking at how to build solid and coherent systems of different mediums. We each chose our own topic; something that interested us, something we wanted to advocate, some people chose to start creating their portfolios, etc. With these topics, we are to build three things: a one minute movie, a website, and another item of our choice. The goal is to create a system across all three mediums and to learn what different mediums are good at expressing, both information and style wise.

I wanted to do something fun and light hearted for this project. So I chose to advocate taking The 5 Minute Break. The intended audience is anyone, really—overworked employees, parents, college students… anyone that occasionally works too hard and forgets that taking breaks every so often won’t kill you, and in fact has a lot of benefits to it.

We had two weeks to make a movie. Here’s mine (it’s still a draft… we presented our movies today but have the rest of the term to work on them):

The movie is meant to be a teaser of sorts… not meant to provide an enormous amount of detail, but enough to get you intrigued in the subject to perhaps make you want to check out a website. We will be working on the website next. Stay tuned for results.