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Design and Emotion 2008

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Me at Design and Emotion

I spoke at the Design and Emotion 2008 conference two weeks ago in Hong Kong (thanks to Matt Forrest for the photo!). I spoke about my thesis paper – the relationship between classical music and service design – and had very positive feedback on both the presentation itself and my topic. So, a very successful first conference presentation! For those of you who are interested, my presentation can be downloaded here, and my full thesis paper can be found here (the conference paper was shortened and didn’t include everything I wanted from my full paper).

The conference itself was pretty good, even though I witnessed the same couple of flaws I’ve seen at other conferences. My biggest gripe: if you are presenting at a design conference, please make sure your presentation actually looks decent. No one hates a poorly designed presentation more than designers.

Hong Kong itself was great, even though I really only got a day and a half to fully enjoy it. The last time I was in Hong Kong was in 2000, and my cousins over there have since multiplied! I met a lot of cousins’ kids that weren’t even born when I last went. The food and shopping of course were fantastic. More photos from Hong Kong and the conference can be seen on my Flickr site.

I am now back in San Francisco, in my second month of my job at Nokia Design. So far it’s been pretty good. Different methods and environments of work than I’m used to, but it’s a fun challenge to overcome and I’m learning a lot in the process.